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Hubert 1789

Instrument description

Fretted clavichord based on the intrument signed and dated  C. G. Hubert 1789, now preserved in the National Museum in Nuremberg with catalog number MIR 1058.

On the left internal block, reads:

Christian Gottlob Hubert/Hochfürstl Ansbach-Baireuth Hof/ Instrumentenbauer, decisi 1789

For its construction, in addition to the construction plan, I based myself on  the fundamental work by Koen Vermeij The Hubert Clavichord Data Book [Clavichord International Press].

The instrument has a very light and expressive sound, especially in the contralto/soprano region and is well suited to late eighteenth-century repertoires. The low tones are thin and very singable. Personally I have used it in numerous concerts with very satisfactory results.

Thr fretting digram follows the classic ‘Hubert’ pattern with the free Ds and As. This system allows the performance of a large part of the keyboard repertoire.

The clavichord, in the basic version, is supplied without legs, but designed to receive them as elements to be screwed directly to the bottom. The basic version does not include a lid which can be chosen from the various options to be consulted in the price list below.

Case dimensions (in cm.): 143 x 38 x 13

Diatonic keys in ebony or boxwood

Cherry chromatic keys

Enamel finish with gold trim (color to be defined at the time of commissioning).

Any further finishing elements can be agreed upon at the time of commissioning and chosen from the list of options provided in the price list



Fretting diagram

40 cori di corde Sistema “Hubert” con tutti i la e i re liberi:C, C#, D, EB, E, F, F#, G, A, B, H, c, c#, d, eb, [f/f#], [g/g#], a, [b/h], [c1/c1#], d1, [eb/e1], [f1/f1#], [g1/g1#], a1, [b1/h1], [c2/c2#], d2, [f2/f2#], [g2/g2#], a2, [b2/h2], [c2/c3#], d3, [e3b/e3], [f3/f3#], g3


Hubert 1789

Prices Instrument € 4000

Prices are indicative and must be customized according to individual needs by filling out the form below

Media Gallery

versione con basamento e cassetto laterale. Possibile apertura per facilitare il posizionemanto delle ginocchia sotto lo strumento
finitura in legno naturale (ciliegio)
Tastiera con diatonici in ebano e cromatici con filetto
utiizzato personalmente in numerosi concerti
utilizzato personalmente in numerosi concerti

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P.zza Leonardo Sciascia 11, 00137 ROma