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Clavicords and early keyboard instruments

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Category: Instruments

Praetorius 1620

It is a copy of an anonymous (c.1620), similar to the example reproduced in the source ‘Syntagma Musicum’ by M. Praetorius, vol II Theatrum Instrumentorum

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Fretted clavichord, specifically designed for students and for the musician who needs a light instrument that is always with him. It has a robust sound,

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Rosenau 1772

Fretted clavichord, copy of the clavichord preserved in the Stockholm Music Museum, attribuited to the maker Gottlieb Rosenau (ca. 1772). The original instrument’s tangents are

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Hubert 1789

Fretted clavichord based on the intrument signed and dated  C. G. Hubert 1789, now preserved in the National Museum in Nuremberg with catalog number MIR

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Instrument under construction, copy of the Gerstenberg model preserved in the Leipzig museum. It will soon be available in my showroom for a try. See

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Clavicembalo italiano

The project was born from the idea of ​​creating a light, sound, easy to handle and a very economical harpsichord. I found the solution starting

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